View Full Version : 90g complete Malawi cichlid set up

01-25-2010, 01:56 AM
We are moving away from cichlids and into a smaller saltwater set up. This is a beautiful tank full of healthy ( pampered ) fish. We will also look @ trades... What's included is as follows........
90g tank
Pine stand w/2 doors
48 in coralife dual bulb (5 months old)
46-55 lbs crushed coral
45-50lb piece Malasian driftwood ( beautiful chunck w/ plenty of holes and swim throughs)
Fluval fx5
A few med- lg fake plants
Java fern
Numerous river and slate rocks
Mag float
Cichlid food
Airstone/ pump
45-50 various Malawi cichlids 2.5-5 inch ( kenyi, electric yellow, red zebra, marmalade cat (2 breeding pairs), red hongi, powder blue, electric blue, white
soclofi, couple misc med-lg cichlids, various juv & fry.
Asking $500 will consider all trades
I can email pictures if interested.... Trabby@telus.blackberry.net

01-27-2010, 05:05 PM