View Full Version : fs: (SOLD) 24G nano cube + stand + 150w MH

10-24-2009, 05:43 PM
Just got this tank and I was laid off earlier this month, so I need to sell by next Saturday (31st) to make rent. Would like to sell everything together, but will part out as well. Not sure what its worth used, so PM me an offer and I'll make sure you get a reply by Friday. Pick up in NW Calgary. Can help deliver if you take it all.

-24G JBJ Nano-cube (model MT-50) + original hood (lighting and fans)

-150watt MH (Metal Halide) Light W/ built in moonlights

-Brand New stand (just paid $150) fits rounded outline of tank perfectly.

-custom grid (trellas?) style lid for use with MH light

-295 GPH pump

-1x 150watt heater

-Filtration includes bioballs, biorings, reef carbon


-Ammonia Alert

-20 pounds caribsea black pacific live sand

There are currently 20 pounds of caribsea hawaiian black sand and 2 Damsels in the tank

-Timed Power bar, 2 timed night slots, 2 timed day slot, 4 regular power slots
-three large mixing pails
-two 18 liter water jugs used to fill with RO water at grocery store
-1x 200watt heater
-Full 900g tub of Kent Marine Reef Carbon (plus one extra bag to put it in)
-extra timer, single slot heavy duty 24h outdoor timer
-approx 2kg of salt
-a couple fish nets
-1/2 bag crushed coral
-cleaner brush
-glass cleaner magnet
-2 half bottles of Calxmax 2 part calcium/alkalinity buffer
-6 feet of tubing
-a few pounds worth of dead dried out live rock
-3 extra powerheads (295GPH, 295GPH, 780GPH)

10-24-2009, 06:40 PM