View Full Version : Crab Killing Clowns

03-31-2002, 10:39 PM
Has anyone else seen or had a problem with this? I have a pair of breeding Clarki clowns who seem to like killing my Emerald crabs. Two (possibly 3 as I haven't seen the last one lately) of my ECs have met their demise because of the Clarki clowns dropping them into their host carpet anenome.

I also think I may have lost quite a few Blue Legs as well. One of my ECs lasted all of 20 mins in the tank. I released him into the tank far away from the anenome and left the tank for approx. 20 mins only to return to find the EC inside the anenome.

My clowns spawn every two weeks on the rock next to their anenome. Because of their aggresive behaviour during spawning, none of the valonia growing around or near the eggs gets touched, which in turn attracts the ECs, at which point the clowns snatch the crab and drop it in the anenome. :confused: