View Full Version : RD to calgary on the 17th--trades/coral rides avail.

04-15-2009, 05:01 PM
I'll be in calgary on the 17th as long as all goes well. Was kinda hoping someone might have a favia trade to trade for the one I have pictured in the red deer section trading post. Any interest please pm me quick so we can make arrangements. Other trades welcome too, of course. (or cheap frags, lol!).

Anyone needing something from calgary to red deer or vice versa (within reason, I can't be going all over the city) I can be your ride if you make arrangements quickly. Would be nice to meet up at RC or golds or something in this case to save on time and gas as I am going to a conference and hve a limited amt of time to do everything..

Intend to leave cowtown by about 7 or so, 8at the latest as I have to work early.