View Full Version : Maroon Clownfish, From Bonded to Mated

03-18-2009, 01:17 AM
Thought I'd share one of my little successes since starting the hobby just over two years ago. My Maroon pair is now officially mated having deposited the first clutch of eggs just below their GBTA. Quite a gratifying experience since I went through the harrowing process of starting with a single juvenile Maroon and adding another a few months later, with the ensuing battle for dominance. I remember thinking I'd made a mistake soon after adding the second little guy and seeing him get knocked about, being harassed by both the resident Maroon and a feisty Blue Devil Damselfish. Yes, I still have the Damsel, he's now outclassed by the large female Maroon and no longer causes much trouble. I had read that the presence of a Damsel could inhibit spawning of Clownfish, but I guess I've been fortunate. I like the striking blue colour of the Damsel. I added the original Maroon (now the Mama) and the Blue Devil Damsel as the first two fish and couldn't imagine the display without either of them.

Next step is to consider whether I'd like to attempt raising a future batch of Maroon fry. Anyone in the interior set up for it and interested in some larvae once they hatch? If I can catch any?