View Full Version : Electric blue knee hermit and decorator crab

03-01-2006, 04:59 AM

I think I have given out too many 2nd chances to my blue knee hermit. Sitting there tonight watching my hermit pick away and eat at one of my spiked snails has driven me to the edge. I have a decorator crab in there as well, but I have NOT seen him eat any snails yet...I am fairly confident that he also gets into the act of snail terror.

Is anyone interested in these guys? The hermit should be fairly easy to catch, but the decorator...well, that will be a mission. I also have no intentions of taking my rock work down to find these critters, so hopefully they come out and play where I can catch them.

So, if anyones interested I'll be happy to pass them along. And if you are interested, I dont say no to frags. :)