View Full Version : WTB: MACROALGAE - Vancouver

05-22-2005, 10:52 AM
Hey all, I'm heading over to Vancouver next weekend and need some Macroalgae for my fuge. I'll be in vancouver, burnaby (J&L's) and richmond From Friday night through Sunday. If anyone s cutting back any, please let me know.


05-22-2005, 06:26 PM
im sure i can snip some off for you. i can drop it off at robs or you can swing by here if you want. i just did a prune this week so it wont be a ton but the stuff grows fast.

05-22-2005, 06:45 PM
PM sent.

05-22-2005, 09:00 PM
Hey thanks guys.

Anthony I pm'd you back. Would be great if I could get some.

Willow: That would be cool too. The more the merrier to make sure some takes hold. That said, I have a meeting all day Sunday, so I'm going to J&L's on Sat to grab all my dry goods. Hoping to have the Wife and Rob to a 2nd trip on Sunday to grab the live stuff before we go back. Maybe we can arange something to meet up in the eve or if your by Robs dropping some off would be awesome. Hes got some LR hes been holding for me so I'll be stopping by there for sure.