View Full Version : Too much light for a GBTA?

04-11-2005, 11:31 PM
I just moved from a 30g bowfront to a 40G 36x16x16, and at the same time, I upgraded my lights from 2x15w NO tubes to 2x96w PC's.
My BTA was on a rock ledge about 14 inches from the light in my old tank, and in the new tank he's on the same ledge, but a couple of inches closer to the light, about 11-12 inches away. During the day I only run one of the bulbs, the 96w 10,000k. About an hour before I go to bed, I switch from the 10,000k to the actinic, then shut the lights off when I go to bed.
The BTA has been happy on that ledge for about a month or so, and just in the last hour or so has decided to move.
Is it just too much light for him so quickly? Does he need more time to adjust? He's still wide open, ate a flake or 2 this morning that floated by, and ate a decent sized chunk of shrimp that I fed him yesterday.

04-11-2005, 11:57 PM
It seems to have settled, on the underside of the ledge where there is no light.

Should I just leave him for a couple of days?

04-12-2005, 12:50 AM
Yeah, leave him be. If he doesn't like the new arrangements, he'll find another good spot. Just keep an eye on corals and move them if he's starting to head their way.

04-12-2005, 01:21 AM
Not even close to too much light, leave him be, he will move if he doesn't like it there.

danny zubot
04-12-2005, 03:28 PM
It could be that the flow has changed in the new tank so its just trying to get more comfortable. If lighting were an issue it would have moved right away.