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03-03-2018, 10:22 PM
So its been a year long hiatus after my 250 blowout and this morning Ive picked up a new tank! 6' 180 Gal this tank will be in my house, I have a 1/2 wall between my office/entry/living room so it will act as a see through.

the plan so far is to take most of the equipment from my 250 I had at the shop when i get to my new shop ( plans have been in city hall for a month so hopefully by the fall its finished) ill set up another 250 or 300 DD but that will be a lion fish and Eel kinda tank, the SPS at the shop was too much work.

the 180 at my house will be an SPS tank
the equipment Im gonna bring home from the old tank are 75G sump, apex, vertex skimmer, 2 gyres powerheads, vectra return pump, dosing pumps and my 15 G top off bucket with pump, and my LEDs that Ive been super happy with. although for the 250 i had 2-48 lights which was fine over the 5 feet but now with a 6' tank i think ill need to grab a small 16" light but ill hang the 48" and see how bad the corners shadow.
the neighbor at the current shop is a cabinet maker so hes going to make me a cabinet in exchange for some work Ive done for him lately. Im leaning towards something super basic flat panel. not sure on color yet probably white to match the granite handrails I have right in front of it.

will post pics when I get the cabinet and old tank out of the way

03-03-2018, 10:35 PM
Sounds like a fun build! :biggrin: