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02-25-2018, 03:43 AM
Hey all. I have a 100gal tank that I have setup as a cichlid tank right now and a friend called today and said he is shutting down his 100gal saltwater tank and asked if I wanted his setup. I have a 165 that Iím putting my cichlids into. I am getting 100 lbs live rock, sand his water, 2 bubble tip anemone, 2 clown fish and a skimmer. Now the 100 is set up as a peninsula and I have a Rena xp-3 filter in it. Would the xp-3 and skimmer be sufficient to start out with? I am not planning on having the canister for long term, just until i am able to get a sump setup. I have an extra Rena xp-2 I could add for more flow. Any input would be much appreciated.