View Full Version : Is anyone still using GHL Mitras?

01-19-2018, 04:42 PM
Is anyone still using Mitras? I feel pretty alone on this, it seems most or all have moved away from them (or the hobby altogether).

Would love to hear from anyone still using them.

Or if you used to use Mitras and switched to something else ... what did you switch to?

So back in the day these seemed pretty spiffy (and pricey). I picked up 3 used for my 280g back in 2014 and switched over from Radiums.

Honestly my tank has never been quite the same. It's not quite the fault of the Mitras, other things have been going on that make the tank a challenge. But it never felt right to me. Last year I picked up a 4th from Concept (a former store light). With 4 over the tank, I've gotten some coral colour back.

But I'm still worried about using these. The fact that they don't get sold in Canada anymore. What do I do when one inevitably breaks down? Where can I get it serviced? Or is that it? Time to replace?

I'm seriously tempted to move back to Radiums. Hot and electricity loving yes, but man, simple. On. Off. Watch corals grow for 12 months, then replace lamp. Rinse and repeat.

The only thing I really like about the LEDs is the cloud cover feature. Or rather, the ramp up in intensity when the "cloud" passes over. I'm always like "why doesn't it seem bright? .... Oh, it was a cloud. Neat. That looked like I'm snorkeling, hee hee!". ....... It's probably a feature I could learn to live without. :lol:

01-19-2018, 04:48 PM
Threw a few into the Eco station pit this past year due to faulty screens/electronics.

01-19-2018, 04:54 PM
May I ask what failed on them, or what the symptoms were?

01-19-2018, 05:25 PM
I run 3 6100HV mitras but I added a compliment of T5 to smooth out the light and to fill in some shadowed areas. Tank was ok, things were growing, with just LED. But the addition of the T5's made it really rock.

I'd definitely keep the LED's in place for the sunrise/sunset as well as the colour change my program has throughout the day, but I wouldn't go only LED. A hybrid system really seems like the best of both worlds in terms of controllability/customization and strong/even PAR for the corals.

A Mitras system with their pucks and some overdriven T5's under one slick housing with controllability would be superb!

01-19-2018, 05:42 PM
May I ask what failed on them, or what the symptoms were?

Screenwriting died, buttons died, USB ports died, led clustered died, one unit went into permanent 6k mode 24/7....

01-19-2018, 08:41 PM
I run 4x54w t5's outside of the Mitras. I had these before with the Radiums though.

I tried the tank on the Mitras alone (mind you when it was only 3) but I was not happy at all with the coverage (or lack thereof). I wish I could do more t5's but there isn't enough space over the tank. And, well, that, and the fact that I don't like buying new t5's all the time. 4 is already more than enough to replace on a schedule. :lol:

Screenwriting died, buttons died, USB ports died, led clustered died, one unit went into permanent 6k mode 24/7....

Ah, yeah that sucks.

The reason I was asking is, and this is what's prompted me to write this thread - I was noticing I have some fairly significant fading out on SPS on one side of the tank. It makes me worried there's something going on with the Mitras that's over the corals in question. I think I need to take it down and investigate further fairly soon. It could just be bad luck and coincidence with the corals but ultimately there's always a reason for stuff...

01-20-2018, 02:13 AM
Sorry to hear about your Mitras issue Tony.

I run an 8 bulb T5 and, yes, I suffer annually. But, I can replace ballasts if needed, and because I rewired my fixture, I control 2 bulbs per timer. Not as slick as LEDs with sunrise/sunset etc, but enough for my SPS for sure.

So, initial cost was used $350 ($1000 new and was 6 months old) for a 4' tank.
Annual costs are $250. Haven't replaced a ballast yet in 6 years. If need be, ballasts are about $50.

I guess you're still ahead of me, now that I add up my costs over the last 6 years. YIKES

But at $1600 USD for a pair of AP700s, I'll stick with my T5s :wink:
At least mine are repairable ... :boink: