View Full Version : 200G coral/fish sale yyc

12-07-2017, 11:24 PM
Im looking for a fast sale as I am too bust to slowly sell each piece off one by one.

The tank is available to be viewed from 8am-5pm through the week and occasionally on weekends if I'm in the city. The tank is located at my office 2 mins east of crossiron mills mall.

The growth of these corals is absolutely insane and it's a shame to let them go but I am working out of a different office and cannot continue giving it the attention it needs.

Please contact me via text with any questions. To give perspective of the big the corals are, the tank is 36x36x30tall.

In the side view of the tank you can see a purple rim at the top middle behind many other sps. That purple rim is getting over 18" across now!

If you need detailed pics of each coral please text. I will not frag these corals BUT will consider selling individual colonies if I can't package it all out.

$2000 for all corals. Don't low ball and you can have the live rock (for free) as well.

I will sell the fish once the coral and live rock are out, then I will move onto the hardware.

Please do not pm me, I'm not on often. text: 5875756633