View Full Version : FS:450 Gallon Acrylic Setup (YEG)

11-29-2017, 09:49 PM
I have a monster tank for sale this is a Tenecor tank 96x30x36 High this tank is a peninsula style tank meaning the overflow is one the side panel which makes the tank viewable on 3 sides. IT has a 2x2 steel tube stand. Sump is a 200 gallon sump which measures 84x21x22 has baffles and sock holder. For light I have 2 48x4 T5HO lights with built in timers made by Aquaticlife. For skimmer it is the Barr Aquatics SK5220 which is rated for 600+ gallons. For return pump its a Reeflo hammerhead pump. tank also comes with 3 hydor 300watt heaters. might have some stuff I missed but the important stuff is here. Note tank is a bit dirty and will be to be polished but acrylic tanks do polish to new condition as for pics I m not sure how to post so PM with your number and I can text them to you. selling the system $4000obo replacement cost for tank alone is well over $6000 so please no low ball offers