View Full Version : FS/FT : Large Coral Colonies CHEAP! Thrown out Tomorrow

Peter Peng
10-23-2017, 11:12 PM
I need to get rid of all the coral in my quarantine right now.

There is a lot of Hair algae that I don't have time dealing with right now.

Price is 40$ for everything Or best offer since I have to throw these out tomorrow.

If you dont have 40$, Ill happily take Hermit crabs, Snails, Shrimp or other CUC or nano fish / corals.
Also interested in some Cheato / macro algae

Here are the corals:
- Three colonies of GSP (Ranges 5-7'' when open each, very large pieces)
- Large frogspawn (Not alot of hair algae on this one) (Broken into pieces, around 10 heads total)
- Large rock with Neon green rhodactis mushrooms. Maybe 40 mushrooms or more on it, very large rock
- Candy cane (around 10 heads)

Once again everything is cheap because of the hair algae
First come first serve

Please text me 778 968 7320 asap or I will have to throw them out tomorrow evening.:cry:

Images https://imgur.com/a/pFBIz

Peter Peng
10-25-2017, 12:45 AM