View Full Version : 3 x Kessil A360W-E LED c/w Goosenecks and cables

Marcel Legros
10-20-2017, 08:45 PM
I have 3 - Kessil A360W-E pendant lights with goosenecks, clamps, and control cables.
Less than a year old. Brand new they were $498.00 plus... Selling for $350.00 each or $900.00 if you take all three. PM me if you're interested. Will ship. Thanks!

Link to current J&L listing here: http://www.jlaquatics.com/kessil-a360w-e-tuna-blue-led-pendant.html

Marcel Legros
10-21-2017, 07:35 PM
Added a couple pics. :) I put one up over my QT tank this morning - it's on minimum intensity there. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20171021/b044d18ffab61970c296ee2126855d7e.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20171021/b55c14d2f398526616aeb177dfb045c0.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20171021/a685c5f169ae935c90f6cc98561c2594.jpg

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10-21-2017, 07:37 PM

Marcel Legros
10-21-2017, 08:58 PM
All Sold!

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