View Full Version : FS: contents of tank - fish, coral, rock, sand, inverts

09-30-2017, 08:52 PM
Located in Burnaby, BC

I will be moving in a couple months and I'm breaking down my aquarium in preparation for it. Everything is healthy except there is quite a bit of aiptasia on the rock.

Two tank raised clowns
Sixline wrasse
Bristletail filefish
Possibly a yellow watchman goby. I go months without seeing it.
Pistol shrimp. Same story as the goby except I hear clicking at night every now and then.
Sand sifting star
Few snails and maybe a hermit or so.
Decorator urchin
Rose bubble tip anemone
Elephant ear coral
Finger leather
Pulsing xenia
~40lbs live rock
Live sand. Caribsea select grain size.

$250 for everything listed. At this point I don't have interest in selling piecemeal.

Photos here:

30 gallon breeder https://imgur.com/gallery/i2D7G