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08-17-2017, 02:55 PM
Not quire sure if it is the forum to post this.

I purchased Fauna Marin Lab Test kit from BigShowFrags. In the package, they indicated to ship the sample back to them before July 31st, in which, they will collect samples from all purchases and ship them back to Germany for the test. I still have not received the result back yet. Email BigShowFrags several times but received no response. I went to the FaunaMarin website and there was a message about no water testing between 28.07.2017 to 11.08.2017. Now questions.

1. Have anyone use FaunaMarin Lab Test before? And how long does it generally take to get the test back.
2. Is there any lab testing offered from Canadian online retailer or local Great Vancouver area?
3. How's BigShowFrags customer service?


08-18-2017, 04:55 AM
Finally got a reply from them today. It appears they were not informed about the lab close in the summer as well. They promised to give me store credit for the test.

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