View Full Version : Clown's near-death experience

04-24-2017, 07:13 PM
My clowns have become much bolder at feeding time, darting in to snatch the meatier bits of food (that I chop up myself) for my green spotted puffers, who have become a bit complacent about their position in the line-up. After feeding, I was busy for about five minutes fussing with something else, when I suddenly noticed one of the clowns belly up, looking like he was choking or having a seizure. The other clown nosed him a few times, which rolled him around like a tumbleweed, then dashed around frantically like a distraught spouse. He appeared motionless & I thought he was a goner. A few scenarios ran through my head but nothing made sense. Then I looked in his open mouth & realized he might have a piece of food stuck in there. Luckily my husband has a very fine-nosed tweezer for his watches. I fished him out into a pan of water and after a few tries was able to extract a chunk of food lodged in his throat. Tossed him back in & wasn't sure if he would pull through. His colour had drained & he was so pale. Luckily he floated into a soft gsp rock so he wasn't being whipped around, and began to breath. Slowly he turned orange again. After about 20 minutes he abruptly righted himself and swam back to his own corner. This morning, looks fine.

Whew! Fish drama.

04-25-2017, 02:39 AM
Yikes! Good save!