View Full Version : Lyretail anthias

03-18-2017, 12:09 AM
I added 5 female lyretail anthias to my tank last October and they have been doing well. I was hoping one of them would do the sex change male to female thing but no dice. Any idea on how long this normally takes or if there is anything that can be done to speed it up? Maybe show them some fish porn?

03-18-2017, 12:18 AM
Lol fish porn, I had 4 females one male but a couple weeks ago the male jumped. Since then the largest female has transformed to a male. I'm no expert but would have thought you would have a male by now.

03-18-2017, 04:25 PM
I concur...I had 5 and the male died...within weeks a female had turned.

03-18-2017, 04:32 PM
Apparently none of mine want to be boys. Guess I will see if I can pick on up in Calgary.