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02-14-2017, 10:45 PM
Hey All, I am new to the forum and inspired by many of your tanks. They are unbelievable. I started a marine tank 2-3 years ago and enjoyed it. I recently moved into my own place while going to college and wanted to start my own reef tank. I learned that this hobby takes patience and i cannot wait to learn alot from reading and talking to many of you. This is going to be a build of my progress from the last 3 years to present day. I figure its time to do a Build thread on my 300 Gallon system.

Thanks for following along and enjoy the ride!

So this is where it all started, in the basement, but ive been doing freshwater for over 10 years! but this was my first saltwater tank a 55 gallon deep.


-Hob Skimmer
-Maxspect Razor
-Hob Filter
-but i soon decided to take it out of the basement and moved it into a 55 gallon long.


I Also Automated it and put an apex system under there!


So then there was this situation...


I wanted to make my big tank that was full of discus and a stingray a saltwater reef...

But i know i needed a sump, so then it was time to rehome all the Discus and stingrays.....

02-14-2017, 11:20 PM
So the wife repainted the living room and since the tank was empty it was easy to move before we filled it again.


Then i decided to drill the tank myself....
Scary moment... didnt know if i was going to mess up , or if it was tempered glass.


Got the first one ! with a template


little less worried this time i free handed the second hole.


made sure the overflow box was sitting at the right water level


so i sealed her up and decided to leak test it!


but what did the custom sump from concepts look like?


So it took me 50 tries to figure out my rockscape, but so fun!


not that one...


then i waited for this rock to cycle the tank, and was going to add the contents of my 55 gallon after.

so i added everything a couple months later and put everything in as fast as i could!


So now the system is 180 Gallon Display
And a 45 Gallon Sump


02-15-2017, 10:32 PM
looking good