View Full Version : Candycane's 40 Gallon Frag tank

02-10-2017, 11:55 PM
Got a used fluval M90 and took the back filter panel and compartments out. Going to use the drilled "water change" hole as the water intake side to a 10 gallon, 3 chamber, sump I made with acrylic panels. I cut and drilled a box to protect the intake tube from getting any critters stuck to it. I also made a couple brackets that I'm going to silicone to the other end of the m90 to hold the return plumbing.
I'm using a 1200 marineland maxi-jet pump
For lighting I'm going to try a coralife t5 moonlight fixture plus a fluval marine reef LED fixture
In the sump I have a single t5 natural daylight bulb which will hopefully work over the refugium.
I also have a PuROTwist rodi system installed for water.
I'm figuring out how to load pictures... It says I'm missing a security code, anyone know how to get around this?