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01-11-2017, 04:29 PM
I have a fairly large group of people here in Newfoundland that want to order various saltwater fish. JL seems to be the only online choice I can find to ship to St. John's, but the weather is definately an issue this time of year. I am looking at other suppliers of saltwater fish if anyone else can point us in a direction of other vendors. We order bi-annually a fairly large order of fish as well.

Anyhow I appreciate the info...


01-11-2017, 07:28 PM
Incredible Aquarium sometimes has some nice fish.

01-11-2017, 09:58 PM
You could try marine experience out of edmonton. I've never got an order shipped from him since I'm local but I know he gets fish orders in quite often and will custom order for you as well. It's worth an email anyways.

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