View Full Version : Forest Fire digitata and setosa

12-14-2016, 03:40 PM
Wasn't sure where to post this to get some advice, but I have a quickly growing frag of Forest Fire digi, but I just can't get it to colour up at all. The polyps are out all day long, but they are a sort of pale rusty colour, the growing tips are white, but there is no longer any sign of green. I have a 120 gal tank, 24" deep and I have it on the sand bed near the center of the tank as I was under the impression that it would colour up best in lower light. My lighting is two Radion XR30 Pros set at 80% at peak daylight. Should I move it into higher light or find an even shadier spot for it?
Also on the sand bed I have a quickly growing frag of setosa and I'm not sure how to get it more orange/red and less pink? Seems to be lots of conflicting info about placement of both these Montis to get the best colour.
My flow is provided by a Gyre on pulsing mode if that's part of the equation...

12-14-2016, 04:29 PM
I have both very high under a 250w metal halide and an ai prime they are very vibrant and show the color well. I actually like pinkish setosa but have never got it lighter than a very deep red. Maybe I should try a lower spot with one!

12-15-2016, 10:35 PM
my forest fire did about the same thing, I had it mid level pretty much under a 250w radium and it was mostly white with the green parts turned a light lime/florescent green, I notcied ALL of my sps were pretty pale and slow growing so i removed my gfo and have been making little changes to try to bring nutrients up, the main piece is still mostly white(but growing fast) but an encrusted frag plug that I have kept in lower light areas has regained some green. just last week i bumped the main peice out of its place while trying to pull some of the lasts tufts of ha am fighting and moved it down to a lower piece of real estate. If its growing fast take a couple frags, try one higher and one lower light and see what happens. Either way in a couple months you will have a couple frags to trade.

12-16-2016, 01:18 PM
I was having a similar problem with many of my sps colonies, mostly green and purple, they were washed out and some had almost bleached tips as well. Turns out my nitrate was too low, I started dosing calcium nitrate and it has made a world of difference. May not be the same problem you are having but worth looking into