View Full Version : Apex dos and waterchange programming

09-26-2016, 12:30 AM
I'm trying to program my Neptune dos for auto waterchange but apex fusion is rarely connected as I still am using a range extender(not the way to go btw).

My question is how to change the speed of the dosers with the osc program.

I want these things to whorl as fast as they go. It was easy with the fusion wizard.. But how to write the program so it can do say 500ml in a min...

I want to change 1.8 gallons per day, I have it on osc as follows:

Osc 0.00/0.05/0.55 then on

So every hour it runs for 5mins at medium speed. I don't want them running all day, so they need to speed up.

Anybody know?

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