View Full Version : Red Sea Reefer 250 - all livestock and equipment

08-28-2016, 06:22 AM
$2400 with 2x Aquatic life t5ho lights

$3400 - If you want 2x mitra LED lights with radion mounts instead of 2x T5HO fixtures.

I have had this tank for a few months. Paid well over $6000 for everything.

Check Red Sea's site for dimensions.

Price includes:

- Red Sea reefer 250 - 54 gallon starphire rimless aquarium with stand
- your choice if lighting fixture
- 2x Ecotech MP40's (quiet drive)
- Reef Octopus 150 skimmer
- Laguna Max-flo 600 return pump
- 11 gallon built-in sump
- approx. 55 pounds of live rock
- fish and coral are included, I won't list them all. Come and take a look.
-mated pair of clown fish that host a tri-color anemone. They laid eggs in my old tank and I am sure they will again soon.
-large bright pink flower pot coral
-large whisker coral
-large green slimer
-lyretail anthias
-royal gramma
And more...

I also have years of collected saltwater gear and consumables. Some are for sale seperately and others I will include with tank. Such as, calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, salt, water test kits, refractometer, Tunze powerheads, Tunze glass cleaner, water change bins, heaters, food, and more.