View Full Version : Who does metal work? Looking to have dog bowl holder made. - lower mainland

08-08-2016, 10:51 PM
Totally off topic but we are looking into getting some raised dog feeders made for our 2 younger dogs.

Problem is they are smaller dogs, 28lb and 33lb, but just as tall as my lab x pitty.

Most pet store dish holders have a spot for 2 dishes. We just want a single.

The other issue is that ones we can find as singles, as they get taller height wise, the bowls they hold get WAYYYY bigger. We need a taller dish holder that holds a smaller sized bowl.
Either that or their wood and ugly and bulky.

Not looking for anything facy. Just simple, inexpensive, sturdy, with the ability to attach rubber feet or something on the bottom to protect the floors and prevent them from moving it.
Please PM (or if you already have my number just text me) with info and perhaps we can discuss.