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07-06-2016, 05:07 PM
Just thought I'd throw up a review of a product I really did not like in the end.

I purchased my first bottle of Red Sea's NOPOX a few months ago to see if I could bring nitrates down as I started to notice some hair algae on my rocks. YUCK!

So I studied, I read, I googled, I youtubed and thought lets try this carbon dosing!

As my nitrates were about 20 I thought I'd go with the recommended dose per the instructions and started dosing.

First issue. Within the first week the tips of my cali tort started burning so I adjusted my alk doser and brought my alk down to about 7.8 from 9. This seemed to do the trick.

3 weeks in my nitrates had dropped to 10. Well this is good news, I'm happy about this. My cheato in the sump was dying fast, must be from the reduction on nitrate, great!!!

I dosed for months following this and my nitrates never went below 10. This was disappointing. I contacted Red Sea for tips but got the "eveyones tank is different" reply.

What I really DID NOT LIKE about using this product.

1. All my zoa's faded color really bad.
2. My huge monty undata faded really bad, lost most of the green and blue color.
3. My cali tort stn'd and died
4. My birds nest colony (huge) stn'd and died
5. My rose bubble tips HATE it. They've shrunken to 1/4 size and are moving around to try and get happy again.

Basically I started using this poduct and my tank went into a tail spin for months. I stopped using it a few weeks ago and....

1. My Zoa's and undata are coloring up.
2. My Bubble tips are settling in and opening up again.
3. My nitrates are sitting at 10, exactly where they were.

Would I try this product again? No way. Minimal results for the amount of loss in my tank. I know, everyone could say "maybe something else is going on" but I've been at this a long time, the issues were directly connected to this product for sure. Well in my opinion anyway...

Just thought I'd share for people thinking about starting to use it. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat...

07-06-2016, 07:09 PM
And I was just gonna try that product too....thanks for the report, I will still try it on my biocube and see how it goes, you still have some left? :redface: