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06-15-2016, 06:44 PM
Hey guys, I just wanted to share a recent experience I had with my AI Prime and dealing with AI in the US.

I bought a Prime for my Fluval Edge tank last April. Within a month or two, the fan started having these strange wind-up noises, something that would happen anytime the light was even just lightly tapped, and sometimes for no reason at all. I spoke to my equipment supplier, and he arranged to send a new fan out to me. I went to install the fan, and surprisingly it didn't fit. He apologized and immediately sent out another fan. The fan didn't fit again, and so he shipped me a replacement light right away. Thanks again for that!

Well, after a few months, the fan started making that familiar noise, and after about a month, the whole light died on me (of course while I was out of town for three weeks). Fortunately I have another tank, so my tank-sitter was able to move all my coral over. I got in touch with AI, and hoped that they would support the warranty, based on the second light. They did not, which I expected, and that's all fine. They offered to replace the light at $100, which I accepted, on the basis that there was "water damage" inside the light. I was extremely surprised to hear this, as where the light sits, it would be nearly impossible for this to happen. When I called AI, they said it was a tiny amount of water damage on the driver board inside the unit that could have been caused by excess moisture in the air. WTF?!?! I figured these lights would have been tested against this, as they SIT ABOVE A BOX OF WATER! I don't think they would falsify their findings, so I had no choice to pay my $100, which I did, and ended up being converted to $133CAD. Jeez. I finally received the light today, and the courier was expecting a customs payment of $45. Man-o-man.

Anyway, just wanted to share my experience with everyone, and see what you guys think/what I should do moving forward.

06-15-2016, 07:10 PM
I've replaced 4 boards on 4 ai sol at my cost because they would not warranty there own faulty boards also replaced most fans ai kinda tricked me they said fan replacement was free just pay shipping when they arrived there was a duty fee of 20 ish dollars . I know others that have been taken care of very well by ai unfortunately not in my case. I would not purchase there products anymore.

06-16-2016, 02:52 AM
I purchased a nano a few years ago. It made a high pitched noise and was covered in an impossible to get off glue. AI shipped me a new fan and housing right away, which at first seemed like great customer service. The fan wasn't the problem though as the light continued to make a high pitched "electric" sound. They later sent me a new light, along with a $100 customs bill... Rest assured that was the last light I have ever purchased from them/ ever will. Meanwhile, I dealt with Neptune a few weeks ago and they managed to send me a replacement new display unit with no attached customs bill. AI has got to get it together for their Canadian customers!