View Full Version : NP-Bacto from Tropic Marin: Anyone using this?

Deus ex machina
06-05-2016, 02:53 PM
I received a sample of this product in a bucket of salt mix many months ago and just started using it last month. The transformation in my corals has been amazing. Before I began using this product my Zoanthids were all in slow decline, a montipora digitata and seriatopora guttatas weren't showing any signs of growth and I couldn't keep any other SPS or acanthastrea. All while I was struggling to solve a cyanobacteria problem even though nitrates were testing at 5 ppm or less. I even switched back to T5s after trying LEDs for 18 months thinking that was my problem.

This has all changed. With the addition of 3 ml of this product daily, the zoanthids are now thriving the monti and seriatopora are showing excellent growth, acans are not a problem and the lime green and yellow favia frag I got from Colby a few months ago is fat and sassy. I've even reinstalled my LEDs with no ill effects. The cyano problem has all but dissappeared.

Clearly, I had water quality issues that my test kits weren't detecting and this product has solved.

My problem is that the Tropic Marin distributors in Canada seem uninterested in stocking this product and its only available overseas. I managed to locate a few bottles on eBay. Does anyone know of a reliable source for this product?

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