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04-20-2016, 03:48 AM
I've started a 6G tank with the following philosophies, with "eco-reef one" (http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2010/4/aquarium) as one of my main inspirations:

1) Minimal Equipment: Heater, Circulation, ATO, and weekly 50% water changes.

2) Clean aesthetic - hide equipment as much as possible. (goes along with having very little equipment in the first place). Along with this goes making the tank fit in with our interior design.

3) As little impact on natural reefs as possible - Captive bred, and locally fragged livestock as much as possible.

4) Fun for my kids, bright colours, interesting characters.

So, here's where we started:

Purchased a used fluval edge off kijiji and have since proceeded to get rid of:
- Filter
- Plastic Bits
- Light (was only half working anyhow)
- Lid

Here's how the tank started out on 04/07/16:
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/bwhJ6o7e7lN9DZqT8HHACciR4VSAR_JgjwLQlozBZm7COI07dh bnPtsNlyAjtR3JPhafWwbl6N-QM1-JqKaKyPW2kY8UakqI5Q0NQ6ic0w-6k-mP2dufxv3tmyNuP2IHCPpYQCZhQFjNFytb-KCkwBvsY0eGnGhiR3NkOPrWKdkDMMff2tFVTpTWXhHN9SA9FPQ bpfDCGW6n448fFGVcU5lO7EECeyvTdotMJYACycbi-imf56G3g-BREqSeP-a9dWKHTFkw1-rQk_670vTsLbse4-TKBev7c9WfpwgLMEQ9yzfr9a8e-2YQbKI1JfZEKkZsn_F0CT3oc4JmkNLzzg6D2eA8SZMLp7Rpfl0 QTQ31Nes1ds96t6oZHRwfxNEz-sQpCvrDl1YLp5bLdqgtr0CByjr8x3lXep94uccoAFY28p4veRA gAqrKG6IspgUT8fENqifRl8Dw1gPenOQJbN4BefB2Otpplzk8j mfzjOcWG--7cXu0AIeJw63u9gcZrbWhvDhTJnqc2WJciVMbsY5t-149lIEm7-UZ17nuJoL7MLAX1fyGRI0U74ncssILkEeS=w1076-h718-no

Just got my Rapid LED Par38, as well as a PP (RW) 4 for circulation, and have set those up. Would like to get a small, fully submersible heater that can hide behind the large rock on the right.

Here's how the tank looks as of 04/19/16:
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/yEwMR1ESJreBdftbQfZpI_wu6TkG8zj9mQ5G-WROZm6vo0YvpMgmbz9fvSSwYq12dcn1YVJMJpe0BCJLYj-NX1DQmQit3WZ8JsEgMhQnGXaztHE1FPBXiTQHO1qNJGtR5uVtj bjFeyhaMPpUdW-biqqDa3uo-jDFvMwfS8Ao7gche_a3PjIJVOhIyD40F3WlZZ0iiX4JD9tWt10 nGplCf71c4BbilgnWfWMH7dPU2o0V9wz_tlKNmTNC9Jw0NKl0m b0wV26PLEltWMniOgBe7dzYxlMphgm0RbJ7AXNJfHwiPiZGQwN 7owPh9PKpdqW8WC3tsJ0Rjuo6h-op7UTdbv-w0K01I2bGQo_c2xHYfB2puGCydjjAoSQktXLStnLv27WXOHPsJ gYnF-TEqmJ9VQmi0GAUiI39l8Y4xZba5lJn0yQU9k9yqWoz1AdtPy8Q ciIQh95DpNR4DvSSw2fhSIDtB-cASd7b8po93dSrxZabWclGPzHgSV8ZBcFuiiIhK4epW3hbga4-qYvzDZByiqCyQffqiw65tkwv4Xcd6cqLtKoeoUFuVvxuyRiocq BnNJgV=w1076-h718-no

And here's the tank in the room:
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/oGXkx5RF9YBc9mkVtMOW4FkCPnjL7A9pydAIMxYtfSHeBEuk7h THIXJLUfwMrxssqJPthQwxM0pQl-Bsj6qszZFqT4I2VSQFqr3NqGBZpPsu950guKb2Nb-wp3xdTVtPwUPqcDi7ZuIdNcWR58aZ6fvg4pJlD6c4gidPbqU0G b3JAkg0-NXk8jszL5cjnhFQQQfSvZyaUtT0XbvggdPkiN18hmPVTidjAt8 rM7dukFwWpb7VLBl89-9Oesy9sUcFbX4e-CAMQYBzzN8PmuxtRjnS8VOpovl6X_LvDEc-fVGAvmnTND6jWH3NBtQhmwEsJwDnWUQlosNWONYGy5mKuyM_xl-1tAWLBTlEp6Ju1mhOYtXN7v_LolUvcjjr-83ptRQ4Zf0ZLSgeINxssJtdmnvUi0oO1l--IYz2U-LvjRcQl_dJBJBY2Jue8dIaLPBd_t5QSgIg8LHsZCbjeO4Lbd5o O8MsMQKPoVShekIdwbUOSFAA4DF7Yaox62gzNXQI93nFsxA6X7 wbnv075HJtDlFw-qtocVpv2CfhLHgnKf7IJdkD7v1D-77h_5jNdvRkxaHG=w522-h783-no

Next items:
- Replace heater
- Install Tunze nano osmolator that also came today

- Why have I not been able to find a line voltage (110V) dimmer that could control my Par38 bulb with a timer and "ramping"? (sunrise/sunset) It doesn't seem like it should be that hard, but it seems like the only way to dim an LED fixture on a schedule is using 0-10v control... anybody provide any insight into this?

- The Jebao PP4 is almost too much for this tank. Set at its lowest power setting on the "H" program, it still has to be positioned carefully in order to minimize the sandstorm. I was hoping to use "Else" mode, but it blows the tank apart!

04-20-2016, 06:40 AM
So, I edited once to post the photos... they didn't come up... Seriously, we need to be able to edit a post more than once.

I'll try again.

How the tank started out:

Where the tank is as of 04/19/16:

And a shot of the with the tank in it:http://imageshack.com/a/img923/9951/sAPkRW.jpg

Was that so hard?