View Full Version : Anyone Know Where to Find a 2inch + Green Spotted Puffer

03-21-2016, 03:17 PM
Been Trying to Find a Green Spotted Puffer for my 75g marine Aquarium.
I have been to Big Als,Pieces,Concept Aquariums and RiverFront. all places have green spotted puffers and figure 8s but they all look very stressed and parasite ridden. The Gsp's i have found at these places are max 2 inches long. I tried looking online but no place that has them ships to Canada.

Anyone Got any places in mind. maybe within Alberta cause i could get overnight shipped or pickup.

trying to stay around 50$ + or - Shipping costs.

This tank is setup just for a Green Spotted puffer just haven't found one big enough. kinda hard to see a 1 1/2 inch puffer in a big 75 gallon haha.

Any Info would be Much Appreciated.

Skimmer Juice
03-21-2016, 03:54 PM
check Gold's hey have healthy fish

03-21-2016, 04:51 PM
Walmart in the states carries them in there fish section believe it or not, locally in BC I get them from King Ed pets from time to time.

03-22-2016, 03:06 AM
Petland used to carry them when i worked there (like 10 years ago...) so i would think their alberta stores would carry similar fish or could get them in. Sold as freshwater/brackish there however.

03-23-2016, 04:19 AM
I called Golds and he said come in Friday or call to order one :)
Always thought they just sold cichlids.
I also called some petlands no luck .
Appreciate the advice. Will be going to Golds on Friday if they are open.