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03-11-2016, 05:08 PM
Hey guys,

I just put this on kijiji and thought I would add it here as well.

Let me know if anything interests you.

System is around 2 years old and running great. Around 400-450 gallon system with sumps.

Here is most everything in the system. Obviously I prefer to sell all as one but I will part it out if there are no takers. I will start with selling the coral, then the fish and rock and then move into the equipment.

Call to discuss price - $3000/everything (quite firm)

$1000/equipment ($1450with new pump)

Unfortunately my pictures aren't the best quality. Call/email if you want better or more specific pics

*Note* Sumps are designed to be located remotely, not under tank

DISPLAY TANK: 260 gallon(slight scratches down length of tank, only noticeable if you bend down and look up into glass)
- 28 wide x 26 high x 84 long
- Starphire front and side glass
- Centre overflow with 2x1.5 and 2x3/4 holes drilled out
- On industrial grade black powder coated stand with no rust. 29 high

SUMPS: Both on industrial grade black powder coated stands
1) This was my water change tank. 24 wide x 18 high x 48 long
- No dividers, just slots for sliding in eggcrate/floss filter I was using
- Bottom centre 1.5 hole for drain
- 2 x 1.5 holes top right side for draining into main sump

2) Main sump. 24 wide x 24 high x 60 long
- Sectioned as per below: (call for heights)
- 24 section - bubble trap 18 center section - bubble trap 11 section
- One hole is bottom centre of the 11 section to return pump
- One hole is for emergency drain on the top left of the sump

Around 250-300 pounds of rock. - $3/pound

- 3x AquaticLife 2 foot 2 bulb T5HO units- $100/each (bulbs and units are only 1 month old)
- 1x GHL profilux 3 controller with powerbar and 3 probes(including "forever use" salinity probe)
- 1x GHL 3 pump doser(gets schedule from Profilux)
- Tunze Turbelle(powerheads): 1x6025's-1x6045's
- CSC 450 skimmer
- 2x 150W Eheim heaters
- Barracuda/Hammerhead Gold pump(with extra seals)
- 1x Eheim 2 bay autofeeder

(brand new in packing)
-1x Barracuda/Hammerhead GOLD pump(bought for backup and never opened) - $450

CORALS - $500/all
- rock with green/yellow chalice and a black pink chalice
- 1x large colonies of green slimer SPS
- large colonys of green/purple hammerhead
- medium size orange/green warpaint chalice
- rock with different zoa colonies on it
- large rock with a couple blue rhodactis and multiple orange/brown ricordia
- medium/large rock with orange crush chalice (orange/green/purple), large colony of red SPS montipora, and the slimer colony
- a few other SPS
- small 3 head red/blue Acan
- small 1.5" war paint chalice
- red/green favia growing on medium/large rock

FISH (all eat pellets and frozen food except Butterfly fish) $250/all
- 6 line wrasse
- 4x chromis
- mimic tang 4
- kole tang 4
- copperband butterfly fish (eats aiptasia! But not pellets, requires frozen food)