View Full Version : Pond and Koi _ Spring awareness

02-22-2016, 10:20 PM
Spring believe or not is right round the corner if not already hitting the West Coast! With that comes the awakening of your prized Pond specimens into a water system with little to no Biological action left or at best dormant until the Pond water gets above 50F ! Not to mention oxygen starvation! Your fish are being succumbed to not only Pathogens that wake much sooner but also their own waste producing daily amounts of Ammonia.

Out of all the list of woes when restarting your Pond for the season there are 4 parameters that can be monitored, Ammonia Oxygen and pH and Temperature and this is where the Seneye Pond comes right into play. Not only can you monitor and log around the clock your ponds ammonia levels and react to it if required, you can also see the daily temperature flucuations as well as pH plus Oxygen.

This brings me onto Oxygen, one of the biggest killers of Fish in the winter is oxygen starvation, having the Seneye monitoring this through relative calculation based in the software you have a full view window at any given time of your Koi or ornamental fish state of health.

So consider giving your fish a life support system, dont allow chance to take hold, Seneye Pond is built to be your lifeline and window into your Ponds health.


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