View Full Version : Jebao RW-4 mount issue

02-15-2016, 08:47 PM
I noticed the other day my RW-4 wasn't spinning so out it came for some cleaning, it had been at least a few months. For some reason I tried using the impeller shaft to pry out the bushing on the inside of the motor block and SNAP! broke the ceramic impeller shaft, oooops (don't try this at home). Gotta order a new impeller oh well they're $4.25 in reefsupplies.ca, very reasonable.

Anyway, I noticed while cleaning the power head that the 3 rubber posts that connect the swivel bracket to the magnetic suction cup mount on the inside of the tank have started eroding, so much so that the pieces kind of fell apart. If I touch the little pieces of rubber it makes my fingers black. So they're shot. I either need a new pump swivel bracket assembly or just replace the 3 rubber posts. Anyone have this happen to them? Any idea where to buy parts for the Jebaos beside reefsupplies.ca? I've asked Ray but all they have is spare RW-8 brackets, which I may look into harvesting the posts from if they're the same size.