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02-08-2016, 07:21 PM
So I brought home a Hippo Tang. Looked healthy, looked nice a fat, had been in someone's tank for "years" so thought as far as hippos go, this is as safe as I'm gonna get.

2 days into my tank.....3 white spots!!!! Dang, the classic hippo ich.

Removing him from the tank would be a nightmere, my tank is a maze of coral and hiding spots so I thought I'd try the Ich Sheild food for it and my other fish to see if I can cut down the effects of the Ich and just ride out the few spots. My other fish are healthy and super fat and well established, all good signs for beating a bit of Ich.

So I buy the food and open the lid, big warning DO NOT LET YOUR CORAL OR ANEMONES EAT THE FOOD. Dang, I was gonna feed in my reef.

So it recommends turning off all pumps and spot feeding the fish. Cool.

Waters calm, turkey baster out. I start dropping a few pellets and my fish are eating them! I see the hippo take 3 or 4, good sign.

No food is making it to the bottom or coral. Perfect. My big green bird wrasse is loving the stuff and eating a lot of if. So far so good.

10 minutes later............MY BIRD WRASSE THROWS IT ALL UP!

All my pumps are back on and its a storm of this food in my tank. Pellets and dust EVERYWHERE. Oh man, its getting into all the coral. Now I'm freaking out but what can I do....next feeding, I'll only feed a few pellets, not all they can eat...grrrr

Next day, coral looks ok. Hippo only has 1 spot, could it be working? I start feeding it again. Yellow tang takes one........spits it out. Hippo takes one......spits it out.

Not ONE of my fish will eat this stuff a second time. They HATE it. I've tried a few time since I bought it and after eating it once, they won't touch it.

So in the end, it got blown all over my tank and the fish hate it. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't, I'll never use it again.

02-26-2016, 04:29 PM
I haven't used that product, but your experience seems typical of everything that I try!

02-26-2016, 06:07 PM
I've used it, feed it to my fish going through ttm and quarantine.
Never had any issues with it, those that ate it never spat it out, obviously things like mandarins and my tiger watchman aren't big pellet eaters in the first place so I never bothered with them.

I believe you can't feed for more than 14 days as well, if memory serves.

In the DT for some reason none of my fish will touch any pellets, so I've stopped trying :/