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01-16-2016, 01:58 AM
Hey Everyone!! :biggrin:

My name is Dan, and I'm an addict. A reefing addict. Before I discuss my project, I just want to give you guys a bit of background on me, since I haven't posted a lot on this forum.

I'm from Calgary, but currently living in PEI. I moved out to PEI to do my undergrad (biology), and decided I liked it enough here to stick around and do my Masters, which I'm wrapping up shortly.

I've kept reef tanks for the last three years, and feel by now, I have nearly a Masters worth of knowledge related to this hobby. I started small and moved up, but currently am keeping an IM 25 Lagoon, SPS/Zoa tank, as well as a super custom 6g Fluval Edge w/ sump.

The Atlantic Veterinary College at UPEI has three tanks that were originally donated to the AVC by Hagen (along with a Fluval Fx5 which is still in action), two being freshwater (mostly cichlids) tanks and one salt tank. The salt tank contained a couple of clownfish, a couple of damsels, a huge brittle star, but was quite mediocre and to any reefer, was a bit disappointing. I talked to the staff there (whom I made acquaintances with previously) about the hobby and that I would be interested in helping them make their tank more appealing, however I could. I began posting on a couple of reef forums for the maritime community asking for some donations, and they came through in a very positive way. One reefer was able to donate a 4 bulb T5 fixture, and brought nearly 100lbs that a reef shop in Saint John donated to PEI for me. Another reefer in NS donated and shipped (at their cost!) a powerhead that was essential for the tank.

The rock I received from the shop was old dead rock, so I left it in a vat of RO water for six weeks. In hind-sight, I should have done a hydrochloric acid soak. The rock leached a ton of phosphates into the tank, resulting in a significant cyanobacteria bloom, that through frequent water changes, transition into a bit of a mess with GHA. Fortunately, most of the viewers of the tank didn't realize GHA is a "nuisance algae", and thought it looked really cool in the pulsing wave motion created by the powerhead. I donated a Starry Blenny (Rocky Balboa) from my tank, who has made an impressive dent in the GHA, but a bit still persists.

Currently, the stock consists of 2x Staghorn Damsels, the Starry Blenny, a Sixline Wrasse (Melvin) that I also donated from my tank, two Percula Clowns, a Reef Chromis (donated by a local PEI reefer), a handful of CUC and the huge brittle star. Last week, there were a couple of fish on the local Kijiji site, and I asked if the person was willing donate a fish or two if they didn't sell. Well would you believe it, but he donated a Porcupine Puffer to the tank! What a great addition, as the student absolutely love his personality, he eats like a champ, but leaves the CUC alone!

Below are a few pictures I took a couple of days ago of the tank. As you can see, it's nothing special at this point, but is coming along. Right now, the tank has a couple of softies, as well as a monti (frag that I wanted to try out of curiosity). It's apparent the softies are all doing well, and for the monti, time will tell. I posted again on a few of the local forums, and soft coral donations were overwhelming. Soon the tank will be stocked with mushrooms, leather, junk zoas and a few others, and I am so pumped. The community really came together in a big way.

The only thing I will add, the tank doesn't have an ATO, and as the staff are quite busy, the tank often sees a considerable amount of evaporation. I have asked around a but, but am hoping some beautiful soul out there has an extra ATO kicking around they would be willing to donate. I've already sunk more of my own money into this tank than I care to admit, but I am willing to negotiate for a reasonably priced ATO (for the purposes of this tank, and the fact that I'm trying to keep my own costs down). Please PM me if you think you can help!

Thanks again, as always!



Are these sponges??

A few friends (they love each other):

01-16-2016, 03:45 AM
First, this tank is awesome simply because of the story! I love it! Thanks for sharing.

The critter you think is a sponge is red bubble algae...you should remove it.