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01-15-2016, 02:15 AM
New to the hobby, about 6months. Have fish, inverts and a few corals.

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01-15-2016, 04:23 AM
Welcome to your new addiction :biggrin:

01-15-2016, 04:57 AM
Ty, I'm still trying to balance out algae but I recently added 2 tuxedo urchins. They have removed more algae in the past 2 days than all the snails I've had combined in the past 6months.

01-15-2016, 10:10 AM
Tuxedos and sea hares are excellent algae eaters. Much more effective at controlling hair algae than most other clean up crew species. Welcome to Canreef BTW.


01-15-2016, 07:12 PM
They have been clear cutting all the algae, I am going to take pictures so I have it documented but you'd think I pulled the rock out and scrubbed it clean. The even left behind my red coraline algae

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