View Full Version : Koralia EVO Powerhead

12-28-2015, 11:08 PM
Hi Guys,
Have any of you experienced issues with HYDOR KORALIA EVOLUTION POWERHEADS ? One of my 1500 gph stopped working 2 weeks ago, upon close inspection I notice that the back casing was all riddled with small cracks, probably letting in water in. I was pretty disappointed since this happened after only two years of use.

Then yesterday, I went to add sea weed to the veggie clip and i got zapped... and i'm not talking about stray voltage here. I was a real jolt.

So I started unplugging things one by one and getting zapped some more... until I could find the culprit.

It was my remaining Koralia power head with a hairline crack in it !!! WTH

Has anyone experienced anything like this with these powerheads ?