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11-29-2015, 05:49 AM

http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a171/tyty_220/Conbredtrash%203G%20Mummy%20Eye%20Frag_zpsp1me16ia .png

Item: Cornbredtrash (3G) Mummy Eye Frag

Starting Bid: 200

Bid increment:10

End date and time (inc time zone):12/05/2015 at 6pm pacific time

Location: Abbotsford

Payment options: Cash, EMT

Shipping: At buyers risk and expense (experienced shipper)

Live arrival guarantee (if applicable):no

Description: You're bidding on a WYSIWYG frag of Cornbredtrash (3G) Mummy Eye Chalice. I've been growing this piece for the last 4 years and as some of you may know have rarely offered it for sale. Previously, it had been selling for $100/eye. The frag you are looking at has 7 eyes, as you can see in the picture and is fully encrusted to a piece of live rock rubble. See below for pictures of the mother colony. Pictures are taken under t5 / LED, biased towards the blue spectrum. Under certain lighting, this chalice has been known to turn bright orange with a green sheen (this is unique to the Cornbredtrash (3G) Mummy Eye chalice). Dont miss out on your chance to own this rare, classic, collector's chalice.

Mother colony:

http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a171/tyty_220/Conbredtrash%203G%20Mummy%20Eye%20Mother%20Colony_ zpsv9aceq55.png

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bump, no one else wants this rare piece?

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bump, no one else wants this rare piece?

They're just waiting for the last minute. ;)

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