View Full Version : 60 cube with overflow and jumping wrasse

11-13-2015, 05:57 PM

I'm going to introduce an extremely energetic wrasse to my 60 gal tank so I've ordered some 1/4" mesh and will build a canopy for it, but the darn thing will *definitely* end up in the overflow. With the way my tank is set up and some mobility issues of my own, I would never be able to get it out without calling someone in to help me with it. I've got to find some way to cover the overflow. I was thinking of cutting a corner off of a piece of plexi I have and resting it over the corner overflow, but I have a refugium that also has a pump going down there, so it would never cover 100% of the overflow. This might be the best bet, but I'm curious if anyone else has covered the overflow on their tank to prevent jumpers and how you guys maybe did it?