View Full Version : Subadult flasher wrasse gender

11-04-2015, 06:57 PM

I've been trying to find those "scholarly" articles on the Paracheilinus (flasher) wrasses with regards to how they change their gender. Everyone agrees that they start as female and become male as the need arises. What I'm curious about is if a subadult male gender is set in stone or if it is still at least partly female. Some people say it reverts back to female in the presence of a dominant male, but I've never seen one of those university research papers confirm this.

I currently have two subadult males. They seemed evenly matched in the store but at home, it's clear that one is very dominant over the other. I'm curious if they subordinate will stay female ( if it even is one), revert back to female, or just be a weaker male.

The dominant does 'drive by flashings' all the time on the subordinate, and he's taken to hanging out in the corner. I don't want it to be pestered to death or leave it if it isn't going to revert. Some articles say they can change their gender in less than 10 days. Unfortunately there is no real consensus. Anyone have any practical experiences to share? I wish they were a bit more evenly matched in strength. There is a huge difference between them