View Full Version : Rotifer hatch in 1.6G pico

10-21-2015, 08:03 PM
So the other day I had a hatch of what I'm thinking are rotifers in my 1.6G pico tank. I couldn't get a photo of the critters, but Rescue Gorg immediately got its polyps out and open for business.

I have tons of pods and bugs in this tiny tank but I've only ever had one other hatch, of larger bugs. These ones this time were very tiny and I think might have come with a batch of phytoplankton that looked like it was seeded with them. I feed a tablespoon of phyto twice a day for Rescue Gorg, along with frozen rotifers and Reef Roids once each per day (tiny, tiny amounts).

This tank mainly holds corals that struggled in my 29G cube - putting them here is a last-ditch effort to save them. Plus when I trim stuff I throw it in here to see if it will grow. I plan to re-scape it over the winter.

I'm absolutely INSPIRED by corpusse's 2G! It looks fabulous.