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09-30-2015, 04:23 PM
These lights are pretty new on the scene so this will probably be a long shot for an answer when I ask this question. I am in the process of upgrading to a 70 gallon 48 reef tank and I am looking for a new set of lights.

Over my current shallow 2ft cube I have a mitras 6200 and I absolutely love this light. However now that I am doubling the length of my tank I will need a second mitras 6200 and these are VERY hard to come by in Canada. I have been looking at the two Sanrise 90cm fixture as a suitable light for my tank. I am trying to decide between:

the Aqua pro (similar to evergrow fixtures but with Wifi control) for $600CAD http://www.aquasanri...0065450694.html
or the:
Aqua sanrise for $1200 CAD http://www.aquasanri...8290539990.html

My main question is:

What sort of a visual difference will there there between the layouts of the multiple 3 led clusters, vs the equally spaced LEDs? ( in terms of discoball effect , spotlighting and colour blending)

The videos on youtube makes my concerns look like a non-issue. But just wanted to ask if any one had personal experience with this light

I am trying to find a reason for spending an extra $600 for the Aqua pro vs the Aqua sanrise

If it helps my tank dimensions are 48x18x18, and I will primarily be keeping LPS and with some SPS