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06-24-2015, 05:39 PM
So, this is my first tank journal. Currently running a 14g bio cube modded to run a bit better.
It started with a sump but had problems with the overflow from the biocube to sump. It's got a diy media basket housing chemi-pure elite, carbon and filter floss. Upgraded return pump and an Fishstreet ATO. Flow is managed by a jebao mp-10 on ELSE mode.
I put it on a diy steel stand but don't like the look of it, so......

New plans!
15 gallon tank (custom or standard, not decided yet)
10 gallon sump/refugium
Aqueon return pump.
2x custom par 38 LEDS W/ 2x 24w t5ho retrofit.
1x custom par 30 grow lamp for sump.

But first all this has to be housed in a stand that is presentable right?

Now being a welder by trade, wood working has been a bit of a anomaly for me. I suck with wood.....
Here goes.
Had some 2x4s kicking around and a sheet of plywood. Did some online research into wood stands.... Decided on this...

Now with framework done, onto the skin of it....

I left one side half open to slide the sump in after, with plans of making it a magnetically remove able panel. Of course plumbing holes and electrical holes were drilled, even some ventilation holes!

Now to make it look nice. Some stain in a Varathane kona color, and it looks like a presentable stand!!!!

Unsure whether to do inside or not...?

Working on the door this weekend.

Gonna be a work in progress as I have a 24x12x12 tank to build/buy, a sump to build, and design a pro lookin light fixture, and all done using parts n pieces I have already. My wife caps my hobby expenditures to a minimum (a good thing really!) so this is gonna be done on a very strict budget.
So far only $17 for stain, $3 for stain brushes.

More to come....