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05-30-2015, 04:17 AM
Tomorrow (Saturday May 30) I selling a bunch of stuff super cheap, a DIY'ers gold mine.
It's the Wildwood Parade of Garage Sales 100 +- garage sales in the community of Wildwood in the SW. Help me stop being a hoarder of fish equipment:)

Garage sale pricing… Priced to go! Tomorrow only. Some is older, some is unused, some needs part or repair some is free...

Tunze Wavebox 6212 w/ controller 6091, hardly used cleaned, perfect ready to go in the box.

Two heavy Duty Chillers 75.00 each both work great. (not cleaned up)
Two Emperor Aquatics large UV lights (one need a small repair, one needs a new light installed)

PFO 400 watt HQ ballest and light housing Never used! 100.00 (no bulb)

Aqua medic Aquastarlight T5 4 X 54w Two units 50.00 each (working bulbs but should be replaced)

Actinics Solarflare (i think?) powered by Icecap. Have some repairable issue two units… free

Two Huge Sequence pumps

Neptune Aqua controller II with a 2 direct connect 4HD, a whack of X10 controllable plugs.
this is now getting into make me a cheap offer stuff below
Aguaclear Uv light and filter.
G4X skimmer (have new pump in box sell pump for half what I paid)
Older deltec calcium reactor (pump issue)
Aqua medic TURBO 5000 six foot tall skimmer
CO2 tanks 20 lb and 5 lb (i think) with regulator … look a bit rough.
a few other skimmers and things
boxes of PVC fittings, Box of lock line flex fittings.
50lb bag of Aragonite .5- 1.mm sand
Tank I used for growing frags self contained with build in skimmer area, filter area

Thats the bulk of it. I'll post pics if I get a chance tonight.

PM me for address in Wildwood ( Sarcee and Bow Trail)

Besides my fish supply give aways there a ton of garage sales in the community if your into them…

05-30-2015, 04:59 AM
here are some pics loading issue not sure if this worked

05-30-2015, 03:17 PM
There lining up...

05-30-2015, 10:42 PM
Still have the stuff I want the Neptune and t5 lights I'm after lights for a 48in tank what ya got