View Full Version : LF Tips and tricks on training Anglers onto forzen

04-17-2015, 12:31 AM
I have a angler for sometime now, it's been feeding on live damsel once a week.

In between his next Big meal he gets a small freshwater fish feed by a tong.

He's now associated with tong=food but whenever I tried silverside and have it dance like it's crazy he will look at me and think I am nuts. :laluot_14:

Anyone here have first hand experience with tip and trick that can share?

And how long can I starve this guy maybe he will get too hungry but not dead?

Thank you

04-17-2015, 02:20 AM
Make a fishing/feeding lure/stick.

Find a small diameter dowel or simply use a chopstick. Using a glue stick or coral glue; attach a length of fishing line to one end.

You can now thread a small piece of table shrimp, silverside, scallop, etc to the fishing line.

Dangle and tease the hungry angler by waving the morsel of food in front of it gently.

Sooner or later; when it's hungry enough it'll lunge for it.

It's worked on anglers, scorpions, lionfish, frogfish, waspfish...and pretty much any fish that would hurt me if it inadverantly pierced my skin. :wink:

If you've fed it and know it ate.....it can go safely 1 week without a meal. I would be surprised if it couldn't go past 2 weeks without a meal.