View Full Version : 5Gal mini reef

04-13-2015, 04:52 PM
Soo after not having any sort of tank for about two years I came back on to canreef and started reading some tank journals and new I had to start up another one , now I don't own my own house so with renting I knew it had to be some what portable so if I were to move I wouldn't be fixing the house before I left so it needed to have no footprint in the house

So there was no way I was going to be able to have anything bigger then a 10 gal as I didn't wanna have to deal with moving sump and everything

So I started the search, went on kijiji and started looking what was out there

Equipment :

Heater: 50w
Lighting: 12 x 2w full spectrum par28 with gooseneck
Filter: hob with a bunch of different media in it
Powerhead: hydor mini (160gph) lol

Liverock: 5lbs
Sand: 5lbs

Livestock: 4-5 different kinds of zoas , 3 different kinds of mushrooms

Here's a picture of how it looked when I started it in March

And here it is present day

Will have a better FTS one day when my phone doesn't wanna self destruct when it see leds haha