View Full Version : hfp75s (Hansers) Tank reorg....

03-30-2015, 02:16 AM
Well I'm home for a few days and its time to rework a few things. Ill start by going over my current tank. Its about a 90-100g tank and is quite rock heavy. The rock in this tank is medium to small in size and provides a lot of hiding places for my livestock. This is great but also means that I dont get to see certain fish and critters for long bouts.

I wanted a frag tank but couldnt afford one, so instead I took a 4' Hagen drilled it and grabbed a 3' tank for a sump. It should work.

To bad for sphelps but he sold off all his rock and I grabbed it. Now, this rock is all larger in size than my current rock. I am thinking of swapping out alot of smaller peices for a few larger ones.

I will include a few pics ..... every thread is better with pics.

My current main tank.

My 'frag tank'

The rock that I am now sitting on....

03-30-2015, 03:42 AM
Well right as I was going to paste in my pictures duty called my new born began crying....

Here are the pics - once again sorry.

My current Main tank:


My new Frag tank: (water is a bit murky....)


My New Rock:


The 'frag' tank doesn't have a sump running yet and I'm missing a bulk head. This week it should all take form....

03-30-2015, 04:03 AM
As I look to finish the "Frag" or really just a second tank...

My current stock list :

Pair of clowns (one true & one false - hey its 2015)
bengali cardinal
valentini puffer
orange spot sleeper goby
lawnmower or algae blenny
3 blue leg hermits
3 turbin snails

My next items are:
Sixline Wrasse - J & L
Azure Damsel - J & L
Royal Dottyback - J & L
Engineer Goby/Convict Blenny - Cant find one...
Sm Sand Star - Got it in the main tank

The J&L order arrives Tuesday so all I'll be missing is the Engineer, and a bit more sand..

Anyone got some extra sand or an engineer goby they aren't wanting anymore.

This tank might have a few more personalities than my other friendly community tank.... any suggestions for not so reef safe livestock to consider ?

I'm gonna have some live rock that I am looking to part with if anyone is interested - its very clean from my main tank!!! NO algae and my NO3 & P04 are nonexistent.