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03-04-2015, 02:13 AM
Got it today, thought I'd give a few general impressions and I'll update as it ages.

These are the specs

Suitable for SPS corals or well stocked 120 to 185 gallon aquariums
Jebao DC3000 Pump
Watts: 12.5W to 16.5W
Air intake capacity: 900l/hour
Pump Capacitly: 485 to 790 gallons per hour
Ideal water level 7-9"
Measures: 10.25" x 10.25" x 20.8"H

It came really well packaged. The body is a solid cast Acrylic and for the price its a pretty solid and well put together Skimmer. Was easy to assemble and everything aligned perfectly. The collection cup is huge, probably holds up to 2 liters would be my guess, also has a drain hose.
The jebao is variable speed so you can adjust the flow through the skimmer and it has a feed function and soft start function.

Started it up and it runs whisper quiet, my bigger Jebao return pump makes more noise, but thats not much as its a pretty quiet pump as it is.
Its incredibly easy to fine tune.
Produces a ton of bubbles and in just 2 hours its starting to pull a yellowy/green skimmate-which is saying something as all I have in my tank is a clean up crew at this point.

So far I'm pretty happy with it.

03-04-2015, 03:58 AM
Pics or it didnt happen!!!

03-04-2015, 05:22 AM
Would if I could but seems I'm maxed out on attachments :(

03-04-2015, 01:53 PM
Would if I could but seems I'm maxed out on attachments :(

That's what Photobucket is for. :)

03-04-2015, 02:50 PM
That's what Photobucket is for. :)

Ya, not sure why anyone would use the native feature, it sucks :)

03-04-2015, 07:42 PM
http://i1148.photobucket.com/albums/o574/rsisvixen/Saltwater/IMG_7236-400x600.jpg (http://s1148.photobucket.com/user/rsisvixen/media/Saltwater/IMG_7236-400x600.jpg.html)

03-04-2015, 10:28 PM
Do you think that maintenance will be easy on it?

Does the cup come off easy? Pump easily accessible? Etc.

03-04-2015, 10:41 PM
The cup comes off with ease so far, and the drain hose works really well.

The pump would be slightly more difficult to get to as you have to unscrew the base to get at it, so not something you would do once a week I'd imagine.( then again I doubt most people do weekly maintenance on their skimmers once a week ) But disassembly should take you no more than a minute.

03-30-2015, 07:40 PM
Well its been close to a month now so I'll give a quick update.

It is skimming really well. Considering I only have a few inverts in my tank it pulls around a cup a day. It drains nicely into a glass container I have put near the sump and I clean the collection cup once a week for the more solid stuff that sticks to the sides of the cup, pretty easy to pop off and put back on again.

So far very happy with it. And for a price range of $200-$280 depending on model an impressive budget skimmer.

06-05-2015, 05:18 PM
How much water do you run the skimmer in?

06-05-2015, 05:42 PM
currently its 8.3, but its been as low as 7 ( was away and water lvl in sump dropped ) and as high as 9.8 ( when I shut off return to do stuff in tank ) and it just keeps doing its thing.
Specs say 7-9 is optimal. So I guess in theory its true-lol

07-30-2017, 08:31 PM
Thought I would do an update

Had this a year and a half now and still happy with it.
My bioload is much bigger now with a large atlantic blue tang and a 6 inch emperor and misc other fish and this still skims like a champ.
Done a full strip down a few times to clean the pump etc other than 1 of the plastic screws snapping its been pretty easy to do.
Still runs quietly and does a bang up job.