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02-23-2015, 11:31 PM
Please help me choose some anthias for my tank. I have a 150 gallon cube (36 x 36 x 28). It's a mixed reef with SPS at the top and LPS and zoas at the bottom. I have the following fish:
- A 4 inch Yellow Tang
- a 4 inch Kole Tang
- a 5 inch Harlequin Tusk
- a 4 inch Copperband butterfly
- a 4 inch Orangeback Fairy Wrasse
- a 3.5 inch Tamarin Wrasse
- a 2.5 inch leopard wrasse
- a 2 inch cleaner wrasse
- a mated pair of Percula clowns (2 inch and 3 inch)

I would like to add a diamond goby and some kind of schooling fish. Anthias come to mind. I would like your advice on which anthias to add. I read a bit about the different kinds and I can't seem to be able to decide. I would like to have 5-6 of them. Schooling would be nice, but it's not a deal breaker. So, my questions are:
- One type of anthias or several (mixing species)
- Which ones are best for my tank?
- Which ones look best?
- Which ones are easiest (make it out of quarantine alive)?

Thanks guys and girls.

02-23-2015, 11:34 PM
2 words... Borb Anthias:mrgreen:

02-23-2015, 11:44 PM
Thanks, but I don't think I can afford 5-6 Borbs.

02-23-2015, 11:48 PM
Was worth a shot :mrgreen: Sure would look cool lol:lol:

02-24-2015, 02:26 AM
I was wanting some Bartlett's for my tank, but on a visit to J&L a while back I seen some Lyretail's. I was fairly impressed with their coloration and patterns. Had me seriously rethinking my choice. When I get my 210 wet, I may try them.